"I should thank you for taking care of such a happy person." Xiao ran left. He didn't ask for her phone number. His inferiority complex was on the rise again. And she also didn't give, others didn't want to be strong, how could she give voluntarily. Get on the right bus, but get off the wrong station. That's it. It's too late to make up the ticket. She turned her head out of the window because she didn't want him to see her tears. He turned to the door because he didn't want her to see him. He left, leaving her with a hurried back, and finally even that back disappeared in the vast crowd. "Friends of the passengers who have not yet boarded the train, please hurry up. The train will start soon." The train started slowly. At the moment when the steward closed the door, a note flew out of the door. 13589091351 is the number written on the note. "Dear traveler, please don't litter the notes." "Dear traveler, please don't litter the notes." "Oh, I fell out by accident. Pay attention next time!" Some of her answers were absent-minded. The note was blown around the platform, but no one came to pick it up. A lost face pasted on the door and window of the train, farther and farther away. When the train disappeared in the distance, a familiar face - Yin Xiaoran - appeared behind the platform pillars. Just a second before he appeared, the railway station cleaning lady had just swept the note into her garbage shovel. It's said that there will never be a point of intersection between two parallel tracks, but one day when you look back suddenly, you will find a point on the horizon in the distance, that is, the intersection of two rules. It didn't end like this. Four years later, Mo Ximing became the regional general manager, and Yin Xiaoran became the financial director of a large company. They formed the same habit, that is, they use the company's transportation when they work, but when they leave the company, they will only buy k1114 hard seats when they go home on holiday. Colleagues and subordinates are very strange to their habits. They don't buy hard seats by flying.